sales staff, part 2 
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 sales staff, part 2

Despite the give and take of this discussion, there IS a problem with
the way powerbasic deals with customers.

I have used various versions of PowerBasic for more than 10 years (all
paid for and registered), and find it a very valuable product.  Recently
I sent Customer Service an e-mail complaining about a pricing policy.
My message was poorly-worded and intemperate, so I wasn't too surprised
when the response was "we won't sell you another product, ever!"  I
immediately sent a second message and apologized.  The response was a
two-page diatribe about bad customers (me), bad working conditions, and
bad attitudes, ending with a veiled threat to "take action" against my

Since PowerBasic code is embedded in all of the research software I have
written for years, I can't afford to start a flame war with their
staff.  But in my mind there is a big difference between being "firm"
with customers and being " ... "  (fill in the blank with whatever is

Sun, 25 Jan 2004 08:44:53 GMT  
 sales staff, part 2
Thanks Texas Citizen,

I'll fill in the word for's arrogant,  power-hungry,  or whatever
you want to say.  The bottom line is that these people have become spoiled
little kids and anyone who crosses them becomes blacklisted.  It is the most
extreme example of a power-crazed little empire that Bob Zale has built and
jealously guards like he is the supreme dictator.

I know how it is to deal with difficult people,  you have to bite the bullet
sometimes.  If it goes too far then you say, enough is enough, and stop
dealing with them.  What these guys have done is say whoever they don't feel
like dealing with they don't have to.   Like it or not some difficult people
actually make your product better with their perfectionist demands.  Of
course it can be sometimes hard to deal with criticism,  but you end up
being stronger in the end and maybe get a better product out there.  These
guys have lost that spirit and have decided to be an island unto themselves,
unable to listen to anyone who doesn't tow the company line about how good
their product is.  And it is a good product,  I have always maintained that.
But like anything in software,  it can be improved,  and they don't seem to
want to listen to that.

Just my opinion,


Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:54:38 GMT  
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