Console Tools (PB/CC add-on) version 1.10 Released (ad) 
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 Console Tools (PB/CC add-on) version 1.10 Released (ad)

Perfect Sync Software is pleased to announce the release of Console Tools
Version 1.10.

Console Tools is an add-on DLL for the powerbasic Console Compiler.  Just
add two simple lines of code to the beginning of your PB/CC programs, and
you can instantly use over 60 console-related functions!

Version 1.10, which has been sent free of charge to all current Console
Tools licensees, includes a few small bug fixes plus these new features:

* The CTDEMO.DLL file has been added, so that you can use Console Tools
functions in Demo, Shareware, Public Domain, and Freeware programs.

* The "ConForms" program from THREE SYSTEMS has been added to Console
Tools.  ConForms is a very useful form-design program that can be used
for PB/CC projects.

For more information about Console Tools, including a complete feature
list and a free demo program, you can visit us at

Or you can check out the review of Console Tools in the October '98
edition of the BASICally Speaking newsletter from Information Management
Systems (  Console Tools Pro was given a 4.2 rating on a
scale of 1-5.  No PowerBASIC add-on has ever been given a higher rating!

-- Eric Pearson, Perfect Sync Software (

(My return address is a Hotmail account to foil address collectors.  My

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