serial interfacing 
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 serial interfacing

in QuickBASIC  to a control device.
In Anaesthesia we are doing this all the time, and He might therefore
be interested in our book on just this subject which was
published earlier this year. (see below for title and publisher).
Serial interfacing in QuickBASIC (and QBASIC) is pretty simple,
but almost completely undocumented for some reason,
Until our book on the subject came out that is :-)
The book is:-
"Interfacing the IBM-PC to Medical Equipment"
by RWD Nickalls & R Ramasubramanian
date: 1995
Publisher: Cambridge University Press,
Customer Services Dept, The Edinburgh Building,
Cambridge, UK,
CB2 2RU.

24 hr ordering is possible via:
TEL: +44-1223-325970 (international)  [Uk 01223-325970]
FAX: +44-1223-325959 (international) [UK 01223-325959]

sorry about the plug, but it does seem relevant just here.
Any queries on this subject, I will be pleased to answer.
cheers,{*filter*} Nickalls,
Dept Anaesthesia,
City Hospital, Nottingham, UK


Wed, 25 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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