NEW: Alpha-testing for new MUSIC compiler announced 
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 NEW: Alpha-testing for new MUSIC compiler announced

>    HOW TO REQUEST TO BE IN THE ALPHA-TESTING.  If you would like to
>request to take part in the testing of MUSIC, or you have any questions,

>up the development and testing of MUSIC.

Ok, please _everyone_ note that it says MAIL the man. Do NOT post  I
wanna join  and Me too posts here like when we last had a major beta
testing announcement.

Just trying to keep the posts down, thanks for listening.


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Sun, 02 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 NEW: Alpha-testing for new MUSIC compiler announced


    MUSIC stands far Multi-purpose Universal Symbolic Instruction Code.
The MUSIC compiler is the first in a new generation of x86 processor
Compilers, which will add a totally new dimension to computer programming.

    Imagine a compiler with the speed and power of C/C++ matched with the
simplicity and versatility of BASIC, combined with a dynamic structure
unlike any other compiler currently available.

    This is just the start of what the fully developed power of MUSIC will
have.  In addition to this, you will no longer have to mess around with
trying to determine which header files to include with your program
modules, and what prototypes to add.  One of MUSIC's many planned features
is a 'SMART' compiler which among other things, keeps track of what
routines you use, and adds them, and their dependents automatically to
your finished product.  Not only that, but it allows for the easy addition,
deletion,update, and modification of these routines that you can make, or
share with others.  This ability is made possible by MUSIC's Dynamic Token
Registry (DTR) feature which literally gives you full control over the
grammar and functions of your language.

    The original releases of the MUSIC compiler will come shipped with a
'work-in-progress basic-like' grammar set, which will also be 100% QuickBasic

    MUSIC also compiles directly to assembly code, and has a 'smart' optimizer
which works off of a variation of the DTR, to optimize your code based on
your programming style.  Being directly to Assembly means no interpretive
modules to link in or run from like QuickBasic, Effectively presenting
QuickBasic's abilities and simplicities with a full featured C type compiler.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP.  The compiler is still in it's early stages of
development.  We are now at the point as to where we are ready to start
taking applications/requests for individuals to take part in the alpha
testing stage of the compilers development.  It's only through a massive
level of testing and user feedback and response that we will be able to
fully develop the MUSIC compiler into it's full potential.

    WHAT BEING AN ALPHA-TESTER MEANS.  As an Alpha-Tester to MUSIC, you
will be given access to download the latest versions of the alpha releases
of the compiler, and it's support utilities.  This will allow you to further
test and evaluate it's performance, as well as being to allow you to
familiarize yourself with it's features and to begin developing simple
programs for it.  It also means that you provide us your feedback on the
compilers operation, as well as bug reports that you find, and suggestions
for additional features.

Alpha testing for the MUSIC compiler will be a closed testing procedure,
which means that you must request to take part in the testing, and be
approved.  This will get you all the needed information you will require to
use the compiler, as well as the needed passwords to decrypt the distribution

    HOW TO REQUEST TO BE IN THE ALPHA-TESTING.  If you would like to
request to take part in the testing of MUSIC, or you have any questions,

up the development and testing of MUSIC.

Bryon Quackenbush

Tue, 04 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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