Problems linking Extra!6.2 and VB4 
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 Problems linking Extra!6.2 and VB4

Hi there, I hope one of you can help!!

I'm trying to upgrade some VB4 16-bit mainframe interfaces to 32-bit.
The pathway we're using is Attachmate Extra! ver6.2,  32-bit VB4 all on
an NT4 machine.

My problem occurs when I try and use the "Session", "Screen" OLE objects
Extra!6.2 provides.
(I've selected the 'Extra 6.2 Object Library' via Tools>References)

I've used the following code to try and open a session

>Dim MyExtra As Object
>Dim MySession As Object
>Dim MyScreen As Object

>Set MyExtra = CreateObject("Extra.System")
>Set MySession = MyExtra.Sessions.Item(0)

However the program fails on the CreateObject line with a 429 runtime
error message.
("429 - OLE Automation server can't create object")

Any ideas?
Have I forgot something??

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.



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Sat, 16 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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