PowerBasic 2.1 Statements and Functions 
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 PowerBasic 2.1 Statements and Functions

    The only 100% compatible compiler for QBasic is QuickBasic 4.5.

    ASIC 5.0 has only about 87 keywords and functions, which make
    it less than 50% compatible with QBasic, especially considering
    that many of those keywords and functions don't follow the exact
    syntax as those in QBasic.

    I have only briefly glanced at BasicBasic, so I don't have any
    idea how QBasic compatible it is.

    powerbasic 2.1 offers at least 90% compatiblity for QBasic 1.1.

    These are the keywords and functions that are supported by
    PowerBasic 2.1.   This information is from the book:
    _Learning Basic_ by Don Inman, published by SAMS, 1992.
    ISBN 0-672-30007-9.
    ARRAY           ATTRIB          BEEP            BLOAD
    BSAVE           CALL            CALL INTERUPT   CHDIR
    CHDRIVE         CIRCLE          CLEAR           CLOSE
    CLS             COLOR           COM             DATA
    DECR            DEF FN          DEF SEG         DEFBCD
    DEFDBL          DEFEXT          DEFFIX          DEFFLX
    DEFINT          DEFLNG          DEFQUD          DEFSNG
    DEFSTR          DELAY           DIM             DO/LOOP
    DRAW            END             ENVIRON         ERASE
    ERROR           EXIT            FIELD           FILES
    FOR/NEXT        FUNCTION        GET             GOSUB
    GOTO            IF              INCR            INPUT
    INPUT #         IOCTL           KEY             KILL
    LET             LINE            LINE INPUT      LINE INPUT #
    LOCAL           LOCATE          LOCK            LPRINT
    LPRINT USING    LSET            MAP             MID$
    MKDIR           MTIMER          NAME            ON COM
    ON ERROR        ON GOSUB        ON GOTO         ON KEY
    ON PEN          ON PLAY         ON STRIG        ON TIMER
    OPEN            OPEN COM        OPTION BASE     OUT
    PAINT           PALETTE         PALETTE USING   PEN
    PLAY            POKE            POKEI           POKEL
    POKE$           PRESET          PRINT           PRINT USING
    PRINT #         PRINT # USING   PSET            PUT
    RANDOMIZE       READ            REDIM           REG
    REM             REPLACE         RESET           RESTORE
    RESUME          RETURN          RMDIR           RSET
    RUN             SCREEN          SEEK            SELECT
    SHARED          SOUND           STATIC          STOP
    STRIG           SUB             SWAP            SYSTEM
    TIMER           TROFF           TRON            UNLOCK
    VIEW            WAIT            WHILE/WEND      WIDTH
    WINDOW          WRITE           WRITE #
    ABS             ASC             ASCII           ATN
    ATTRIB          BIN$            CBCD            CDBL
    CEIL            CEXT            CFIX            CHR$
    CINT            CLNG            COS             CQUD
    CSNG            CSRLIN          CURDIR$         CVB
    CVD             CVE             CVF             CVI
    CVL             CVMD            CVMS            CVQ
    CVS             DIR$            ENDMEM          ENVIRON$
    EOF             ERADR           ERDEV           ERDEV$
    ERL             ERR             EXP             EXP2
    EXP10           EXTRACT$        FILEATTR        FIX
    FRE             FREEFILE        GET$            HEX$
    INKEY$          INP             INPUT$          INSTAT
    INSTR           INT             IOCTL$          LBOUND
    LCASE$          LEFT$           LEN             LOC
    LOF             LOG             LOG2            LOG10
    LPOS            LTRIM$          MAX             MAX%
    MAX$            MID$            MIN             MIN%
    MIN$            MKB$            MKD$            MKE$
    MKF$            MKI$            MKL$            MKMD$
    MKMS$           MKQ$            MKS$            MTIMER
    OCT$            PEEK            PEEKI           PEEKL
    PEEK$           PEN             PLAY            PMAP
    POINT           POS             PUT$            REG
    REMOVE$         REPEAT$         RIGHT$          RND
    ROUND           RTRIM$          SCREEN          SEEK
    SGN             SIN             SPACE$          SPC
    SQR             STICK           STR$            STRIG
    STRING$         STRPTR          STRSEG          TAB
    TALLY           TAN             TIMER           UBOUND
    UCASE$          USING$          VAL             VARPTR
    VARPTR$         VARSEG          VERIFY          
    $COM            $COMPILE        $CPU            $DEBUG
    $DYNAMIC        $ERROR          $EVENT          $FLOAT
    $IF/$ELSE/$ENDIF                $INCLUDE        $INLINE
    $LIB            $LINK           $OPTION         $SEGMENT
    $SOUND          $STACK          $STATIC         $STRING
    DATE$           FIXDIGITS       FLEXCHR$        TIME$
    AND             EQV             IMP             OR
    ^               - (negation)    *               /
    \               MOD             +               - (subtraction)
    =               <>              <               >
    <= or =<        >= or =>            

    If you are willing to learn something new, and build on what
    you have already learned with QBasic, then PowerBasic 2.1 may
    very well be the answer to your question: "Where can I find
    an inexpensive QBasic compatible compiler?"

    I have been told that the new PBasic 1.0 compiler, that is being
    offered as shareware, is PowerBasic 2.1 with a facelift. So, you
    may want to try before you buy! Support the shareware concept:
    If you find the compiler useful, please register it.

    Since I have been posting information on where to find the PB
    compilers, I have found myself in the awkward position of
    defending PowerBasic. (If Dave Navarro is reading this, I know
    he is getting a chuckle out of it.) As a result, I have reloaded
    my copy of PowerBasic 2.1 back on my hard drive, and am playing
    with it again. Perhaps I will post an example program or two
    written in PowerBasic 2.1 that can be tried by those brave souls
    willing to try something that isn't Microsoft. Hey, it might
    mean that they'll have to learn how to navigate a different IDE,
    or learn a new function or Basic statement that QBasic doesn't
    support. Who knows, they might even decide to spring for version
    3.2 of PowerBasic, which now supports pointers, amongst other
    {*filter*} features. I, myself am going to wait for the next release
    of PowerBasic before upgrading.

    Basically yours,

    Kenneth W. Melvin

    (registered licensee of PowerBasic 3.1c)

Mon, 18 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 PowerBasic 2.1 Statements and Functions

  Uh, I don't want to start anything here, but PowerBASIC 2.1 is nowhere
close to 90% QBasic compatible.
  I challenge anyone to download PBASIC 1.0 (it's the same as PB 2.1, but
released as Shareware) and get it to run 90% of their QBasic programs.  
It does support many, MANY QBasic statements, but there are many
incompatibilities.  Of course, I couldn't outline these for ya, since the
error messages are so darn cryptic. . . ;-)  All I know is that PBASIC
can run *maybe* 15% of my QBasic programs.  Now, this is different for
everyone.  It all depends on what kind of programs you're using.  PB 2.1
is far more than 15% compatible.  I would say about 60-65%.  Although the
statement support is there, what's missing accounts for a large amount of
QBasic programs (or at least a large portion of mine).

  Just my opinion.


Very funny Scotty!
Now beam down my clothes!

Mon, 18 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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