Using CreateProcess or ShellExecute (VB4-32Bit) 
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 Using CreateProcess or ShellExecute (VB4-32Bit)

Can someone suggest a method to get a batch file to
close after it has been invoked in Windows 95 by either
ShellExecute or CreateProcess ?

See code sample below:

Private Sub ProcessDiskFile()

 Timer1.Enabled = False

 'tried to run ShellExecute which works fine also
 'just that it in the same way as ExecCmd, does not
 'close the DOS Finished - A Box

 ' Dim Scr_hDC As Long
 ' Dim StartDoc As Long
 ' Scr_hDC = GetDesktopWindow()
 ' StartDoc = ShellExecute(Scr_hDC, "Open", "A:\A.BAT", "", "A:\",

   Call ExecCmd("A:\A.BAT")

End Sub

Public Sub ExecCmd(cmdline$)

  Dim start As STARTUPINFO
  Dim ret&

 'Initialize the STARTUPINFO structure
  start.cb = Len(start)

 'Start the shelled application
  ret& = CreateProcessA(0&, cmdline$, 0&, 0&, 1&,
NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, 0&, 0&, start, proc)

 'Wait for the shelled application to finish

 ' -- this line never gets executed -- as the DOS BOX sits
 'with a Finished - A message in the caption, as soon as it's
 'manually closed, this code is executed.

  ret& = WaitForSingleObject(proc.hProcess, INFINITE)
  ret& = CloseHandle(proc.hProcess)

  MsgBox "Shelled process has ended"
  Timer1.Enabled = True

End Sub

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