ANN - Chipmunk Basic 3.5.8 (MacOS, linux, win32) 
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 ANN - Chipmunk Basic 3.5.8 (MacOS, linux, win32)

New releases of Chipmunk Basic 3.5.8 (and old fashioned command-line
Basic interpreter) for MacOS X, MacOS Classic, linux/x86 and MSWindows
are available on my website:

  < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

The linux and win32 versions are command-line only applications.  The
MacOS versions contain some graphics and sound commands.

One major change is to the int() function, which now does an ISO/ANSI
Minimal Basic standard compliant truncate to minus infinity (instead
of toward zero).  A few minor bug fixes are also included.

Comments and bug reports welcome.  No warranties implied.

#include <canonical.disclaimer>   // only my own opinions, etc.

Tue, 06 Jul 2004 13:13:13 GMT  
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