Qbasic programming and HP53131A Universal Counter question 
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 Qbasic programming and HP53131A Universal Counter question

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Hello all basic experts,
        Can anyone tell me how to write a simple qbasic program to save the
frequency readings from the HP 5313A universal counter through RS232 serial port to
a PC. The counter has two output ports: the IEEE 488.2 and RS232. The manual
recommends the 488.2 way and even shows a sample qbasic program but I don't have
extra money to buy the HP interface card, so RS232 seems to be the only way. However
the manual said RS232 is talk mode only and could be connected to serial printer
for immediate printing. I wonder it it can be programmed to send data to the PC
serial port for direct data storage. Any help, suggestions, hints, pointers are
mostly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your attentions.


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Mon, 24 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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