Coding plasmas... 
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 Coding plasmas...

        Hi QB enthusiasts!
        I was wondering if anybody out there had "plasma" routines such
as those seen in "demos"...  I have several implementations of this idea
in C and asm but let's just say converting them is a bit beyond me about
now :)... Ideas on coding quicker gfx [sprites, the whole 9+ yards] and
using "Mode-X" tweaked VGA would also be appreciated...  I had a
text file describing how one could get a tweaked mode by using a series
of OUTs but I seem to have lost the file...
        Anybody who needs GIF, BMP, IFS type fractal, and others need look no
further, by the way... if you'd like some routines, e-mail me.

Sat, 06 Sep 1997 13:07:32 GMT  
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