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 BASIC Fester and Batter

AL> I would appreciate some help with some BIT toggling...


CG> You don't say which version of BASIC you're using so I've tried to
  > make this code compatible with them all. If you're using QuickBASIC
  > or another of the modern dialects you'll probably want to write 'em
  > as proper functions.

AL> I am using PDS... if you have more specific code for PDS, I would
  > appreciate that as well...

Okay. These work with PDS, QB4.5, VBDos and, of course, QBasic...

FUNCTION BitClear% (Number%, Bit%)
    BitClear% = Number% AND (32767 - 2 ^ Bit%)

FUNCTION BitSet% (Number%, Bit%)
    BitSet% = Number% OR 2 ^ Bit%

FUNCTION BitTest% (Number%, Bit%)
    BitTest% = -SGN(Number% AND 2 ^ Bit%)

I should own up and say that these (and lots of other tricks in my
armoury) are derived from a 1981 book called 'BASIC Faster and Better'
by Lewis Rosenfelder. This was actually written for Tandy's TRS-80
BASIC and is long out of print but was (and still is) a goldmine of
useful techniques for BASIC programmers. I still treasure my copy.

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