Printing character 29-30...? 
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 Printing character 29-30...?

Last night I wrote some ANSI routines, and discovered that there are a few
characters which don't print to the screen correctly... (characters 29-31
specifically...)...  When I viewed a certain ANSI, it got all screwed up
because the characters moved the cursor instead of printing the
character...  I tested this out in a standalone program to make sure it
wasn't my routines... my question is, is there anyway using a print command
to display these characters? Preferrably without using open "Cons:" as
#.... if I were using that, I wouldn't have bothered writing ANSI routines,
seeing as it would simply use ANSI.SYS... thanks for your help!

                                                        -Dave Butler

PS.  My site has been down a lot lately, so if you can, reply to

Mon, 14 Apr 1997 18:27:52 GMT  
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