How to read an absolute memory address 
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 How to read an absolute memory address

Hi Everybody.

I'm working in VisualBasic and I'm trying to read a ROM-BIOS address.
I need to do it because I plan to copy-protect my apps by creating a
file in the PC whose content is the same that a spot of the ROM-BIOS
and hoping that not all BIOS are exactly the same (at least in some

I know how to do it in Turbo-Pascal and the scheme worked fine:

var a:array[1..30] of byte absolute $FF00:FF32;

This way I can access the BIOS through the array a[i]

Can anyone tell me how to do it in Visual Basic??
I looked for something like PEEK but I guess this does't exists in VB.

I'll appreciate your answers.


Rey Arias

Sun, 31 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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