how can I Do it ? 
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 how can I Do it ?

The escenario is the following :

My program have 2 forms.

In a visible FORM1 I input Data , such as Company Name, Address , and 36
more text boxes (I am using SSTAB to Group them) And A Command Button for

When I Click on The Print Button, my program Transfers All data I have from
FORM1 To FORM2. FORM2 is a hidden Form Wich is 3 times larger than The
Screen size.The purpose of FORM2 is just to Give a Nice PrintOut when I
print the Information.

My problem is : When I Use FORM2.Printform (FORM2 still hidden) It only
prints a Section of FORM2, It Seems that prints only the Region that fits
on the screen.

Why ????

Is there any other way to scan The whole FORM2 and send it to the printer.
If So, please Let me know. I will Really Appreciate any suggestion or help.

Sun, 15 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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