Visual BASIC or Visual C++ 
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 Visual BASIC or Visual C++

DS> Thank you once again for your subroutine, well I figured may be
  > this version of TB does not supports SADD()...

You mean it didn't work?    =(

DS> just curious how did you learn so much about programming......
  > (Born natural.. I guess!).

Well I taught myself mostly but I don't think I was a born programmer.
As a matter of fact I went after a programming job with my local city
council only last month and, guess what?  I failed the aptitude test!

DS>                 ... Right now, I am writing an engineering program,
  > a building structural design program though I know very well that on
  > the market there tons of such softwares, it is really a big challenge
  > if I can write a program similiar to theirs.

DS> I need your advice badly, is it better to use C++ or VB to write the
  > program?  I am quite well versed with the ancient TB but completely
  > new to VB and C++, I need to do a lot graphics and make the program
  > very user friendly, my program should be able to analysis and design
  > the whole building structural members by very minimial entry of data.
  > If I could finish this program than my work load would be lighten
  > drastically.

Well it really depends upon how much time you're prepared to spend on
your programming. If you've a deadline to meet then VisualBASIC is your
best bet, especially as you already know TurboBASIC (although I should
warn you that there are many differences between the two). VisualBASIC
programs are a lot easier to write and maintain than C++ ones and the
learning curve is much shorter.

On the other hand C++ is a lot more powerful than VB and it allows you
to write much more versatile and sophisticated programs. The way I see
it is that VB protects you from the environment too much and limits the
things that you can do, while C++ allows you almost complete control
of the computer. Added to that C++ programs tend to be smaller and
faster than VB ones and don't need that dratted VBRUN module.

A lot of people will curse me, I know, but, If it were me, I'd plump
for C++ every time. I do, in fact, tend to use Visual C++ for any
Windows programming I need to do.

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