Student Needs Help with a VB6 Problem.... 
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 Student Needs Help with a VB6 Problem....

   > Why do I get an "Invalid" printout for any words
   >beginning with G/g, P/p or Z/z:
Because a word beginning with "G" is greater than the single letter "G"
and less than "H".
Change your Case statements to something like
Case "A" to "GZZZZ"
or better yet:
Select Case FirstLetter

   >Private Sub Form_Click()
   >Dim Word As String, UCWord as String
   >Word = InputBox("Enter a 5-letter word: ", "Word Test")
   >UCWord = UCase(Word)
   >Select Case UCWord
   >Case "A" To "G"
   >Print "Early Word"
   >Case "H" To "P"
   >Print "Middle Word"
   >Case "Q" To "Z"
   >Print "Late Word"
   >Case Else
   >Print "Invalid"
   >End Select
   >End Sub

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