Supporting Com3 and Com4 in QBasic 
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 Supporting Com3 and Com4 in QBasic

Another way is to swap the bios address around,
for example switch com1 and 3 address and open com1
in your program and you're actually useing physical port 3.

I don't remember the locations off the top of my head but they are
in the bios area of ram .. approx &H0400.

Give me a shout if you can't find them.

Dublin, Ireland.


> > Is there any version of plain old vanilla flavoured QBasic that will
> > support the use of the Com3 and Com4 serial ports?  I have a small
> > microprocessor board that I want to communicate with using QBasic
> > programs BUT QBasic does not support Com3 and Com4!

> > Failing that, is there a way to communicate (input and output from my
> > PC) using something else?  Some other QBasic command?

> > Thank you for reading this.

> > Ron Ciren

> > Ontario, Canada

> You could use the INP and OUT commands to access the ports directly.
> You'll have to know which ports they use, of course and it's a lot more
work than
> a simple OPEN but it's possible.

> Tom Lake

Sat, 23 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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