Freeware BTree Database Engine for PB DLL 
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 Freeware BTree Database Engine for PB DLL

Do you need a FREE BTree database engine ?
Would you like an Easy to use BTree engine ?

Why not use EZTREE Lite 1.0 !

( EZTREE Lite only works with PB DLL 5/6 or PB CC 2.0 Basic Compilers)

We are offering EZTREE Lite Free of charge.

It is true Freeware and can be used in Commercial Applications.

EZTREE Lite has the core BTree engine found in EZTREE 1.0.

The DLL is only 16 KB in size and was written in PB DLL 5.0 .


This software is given away free by its author:
Christopher R. Boss (Developer of EZGUI).

Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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