24-bit bmp to 1-bit conversion 
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 24-bit bmp to 1-bit conversion


>hi, i'm currently programming in Visual Basic and need a way to convert
>24-bit or 8-bit bmp files to 1-bit format.
>what i do right now is start from a wmf metafile format (the graphic is
>black and white all the way, so looks are not a problem), use vb savepicture
>to save is as bmp, and then use an external photo software to manually
>convert that bmp to 1-bit format, and then use it in my application.  this
>is a very tedious process aside from being non-user-friendly.  i'd like to
>make this process automatic, so i need a way to code this conversion in vb.

Perhaps the small acronym RTFAQ would help. For those speaking english,
it says Read the Frequently Asked Questions. This group is not for VB
specific coding. Please. You have hundreds of groups for people of your
own kind.

>thanks in advance

Well. At least you were nice and polite. I take back all that I just

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