Help with SAX VB communications control 
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 Help with SAX VB communications control

I'm having problems using the Mike Sax communications control which came with
Borland's Visual Solutions Pack. Basically I am attempting to dial utilizing no
terminal emulation and once a connection is established, initiate an XMODEM file
transfer. If I omit the XMODEM code below, it dials successfully. If I add the
XMODEM download, it skips over the modem dial command and attemps to download
without having ever first made a connection. I'm thoroughly baffled. Below
is the relevant code:

Sub Form_Load ()
Dim response

comm1.Port = "com1"
comm1.Speed = 9600
comm1.AutoSend = False
comm1.AutoReceive = False

comm1.Send = "ATH0" & Chr$(13)

Debug.Print "Sending modem string..."
comm1.Send = "AT&FX4&B1&C1&D2&H1&K1&R2" & Chr$(13)
comm1.Send = "ATM1L2S7=60S11=55S0=0" & Chr$(13)

comm1.Send = "ATDT766-5270" & Chr$(13)
Debug.Print "Finished dialing..."

response = comm1.Receive
Debug.Print "Receiving input..."

'If Mid(response, 1, 7) = "CONNECT" Then
    comm1.Send = Chr$(13) & Chr$(13)
    Debug.Print "Blasted <crs>"
'End If

comm1.Send = "Hunt" & Chr$(13)
Debug.Print "Blasted username..."

'Do While 1
    response = comm1.Receive
    Debug.Print response

comm1.Send = Chr$(13) & Chr$(13)

comm1.Download = "C:\eastern.dat"

End Sub

Fri, 08 Aug 1997 03:46:56 GMT  
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