problem with VB MSComm and the DTR-line 
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 problem with VB MSComm and the DTR-line


I want to get data from a D/A-transformer that is connected to the
serial port. He's adressed and the data is read with the RTS/CTS-lines.
With the DTR-line, the transformer is given a 'clock-signal' and in the
first step the transformer-state is switched to 'on'.

I change the state of the RTS/CTS-lines using the fields RTSEnable and
CTSHolding. The state of the DTR-line is switched with DTREnable.

RTS and CTS are working properly, I tested that connecting two computers
with a null-modem-cable. But changing the state of the DTR-line leads to
no result! The transformer isn't working, because he don't knows that he
is switched to 'on' and a test with the second computer shows that the
DTR-line has not changed to 'HIGH' or 'LOW'.

I've tested several settings of the MSComm-Object with no result. I'm
using WinNT 4.0 and tested my code under Win98, but that doesn't work,

Here's a s{*filter*}t of my VB-Code, perhaps I've forgot to set a Field...?


    MSComm.CommPort = 1

    MSComm.Settings = "9600, N, 8, 1"
    MSComm.RThreshold = 0
    MSComm.SThreshold = 0
    MSComm.InputLen = 0
    MSComm.CTSTimeout = 0:

    MSComm.PortOpen = True

    'WHILE ...

       MSComm.DTREnable = False

       '... some code .... change of RTS (write) & CTS (read)

       MSComm.DTREnable = True

       '... some code ....



Perhaps it is possible to change the state of the handshake-lines with
the windows API?

Has anyone an idea?
Thank you in advance.




Fri, 01 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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