How to make money by programming computer program 
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 How to make money by programming computer program


>How to make money by
>programing computer
>program ?
>Would you tell to
>me,please ?

1.  Advertise to the world that you have created a new program.  Make
all kinds of extravagant claims and promises about its capabilities.
Tell everyone that it will solve all their problems, make them
restore their virility to that of an 18 year old, and give them the ability
to have Out-of-body experiences whenever they like.  Whatever else
you can think of.  Charge $395.00 for it.

2.  Accept orders for this program for a year or two, all the while
that it's still in beta, and will be released Real Soon Now.

3.  Hire a bunch of ex-agricultural workers from some foreign country to
write a demo of the program, with all the screens but no actual working
code.  Send it out to all the people who've placed orders.

4.  When complaints start flooding in that the program doesn't work,
charge them 500.00 a month for Platinum level technical support, and
then tell them that your technical department is aware of that bug, and
is hard at work on a fix for it right now.

5.  When the complaints have reached an unmanageable level, start
telling everybody that a new version of the program is out, which has
fixed all the bugs in the current version.  Charge $99.00 to upgrade to it.

6.  Goto Number 2.

This formula has worked well for a large well-known software company
in the pacific northwest for many years now.

John Morrison

Sat, 01 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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