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 SheerPower, new free basic

There is a very mature version of Basic now available in windows and it's
FREE, if  you want to wrap up and hide your code for distribution you need
to buy a license.  As free Basics go this is very good.  It runs in a
console but it is a very nice console and it is very fast.  They plan to add
some sort of graphics at a later date.  It's packed with features, and has
good documentation, a good editor, and good debugging.  And it has a lot of
good old time features that are not documented, like GOTO, GOSUB, label:,
etc. plus an OPTION BASE 0 or 1 which lets you set the base for a
dimensioned array.  I find all this stuff great for easy conversions of old
Basic programs.

This is a great time for us Basic fans, there is the newborn, XPBasic (Go
Tony!), the newly available SheerPower, Yabasic is alive and well, and Frank
Charlet has something started with his Mbasic as well as all the old
 Here is the link. http://www.*-*-*.com/


Wed, 13 Jul 2005 02:52:29 GMT  
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