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 32 Bit Basic Compiler


I found the address of a company that sells a DOS BASIC compiler that makes
use of 32 Bit op codes on a DOS 386-platform.  The address is as follows:

32 Bit Software, Inc.
5307 East Mockingbird Lane
Suite 418
Dalas, Texas 75206

Orders:  (800) 32-BIT-SW
General: (214) 827-2801

The price is $149.95.  Also, there is a library pack for $60, which
includes source code.  (The library pack has graphics, expanded memory,
and other features).

The current version only deals with expanded memory.  The next release
will generate 32-Bit flat memory model com files.

The owner said the next release (date not yet established) will allow
you to generate Windows 95, OS/2, and DOS com files via command line arguments.

Brian Genewich

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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