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Hi people,

Here's my problem:

I have a calendar in my VB5 application. The backcolor of the calendar
is grey and the number on it are blue.

When I try to install my application on another machine the same
calendar loose all the grey and is transparent so I don't see the
calendar because it's the same color as my form. The only thing a see is
the border and so numbers.

I've try everything, I've change the color of the calendar on my pc and
made an exe on it and copy it on the other machine still didn't change
anything. I've try to change the calendar by make it flat instead of
raise nothing worked. I've change the video adapter to the same as mine
but same thing. I even put my video card in that pc but still gave me
the same thing. I've checked the windows setting and nothing was wrong
same thing as mine. I copy all the dlls that my program was using to the
other machine but nothing append either.

It also make a beep when I start the application but there is no error
coming out of it so I don't what is that Beep.

I'm running out of ideas so could someone please help me I would really
appreciate it !

Thanx in advance !!


Brian Comeau
JSCSYS Corp. Ottawa Ont.

Work Number: (613) 233-8385 ext.229
Home Number: (613) 731-5457
Cell Number: (613) 799-2036

Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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