problems with _lwrite (Win-API-function) 
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 problems with _lwrite (Win-API-function)


I'm trying to write a two dimensional array (lets say an array called a(10,10))
at once to a disk file. I would use the lwrite (aliased "_lwrite")-Windows-API function
as described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article N. Q77317

But I couldn't get it work. Although the function doesn't return -1 which indicates an error
the file which is generated has zero bytes.

The code looks like that:

        Declare Function lWrite Lib "KERNEL" alias "_lwrite" (ByVal hFile, lpBuff as
Any, ByVal wBytes) as integer
        Dim a(10,10) as integer
        Dim ff as integer
        Dim ArraySize as long
        Dim i as integer

        ' now filling the array with values...

        ' get a free file number...
        ff = freefile()

        ' convert VB file handle to DOS file handle...
        DOSFileHandle = FileAttr(ff, 2)

        ' get the size of the array...
        ArraySize = UBound(a) - LBound(a) + 1
        ArraySize = ArraySize * len(a(LBound(a)))

        i = fWrite(DOSFileHandle, a(LBound(a)), ArraySize)      ' i = 0 !!!

Can anybody help me ?
Does anybody has got a solution ?
Please answer by Email.


Sat, 23 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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