Get EMM Version and QEMM v7.5 
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 Get EMM Version and QEMM v7.5

   I've been writing the code necessary to use EMS in QuickBasic v4.5.
The strange thing is that INT 67h, function 45h (get version)  returns
a  really  strange  results in the AX register.  AH  should be the
status (0 if the call is succesful) and AL should be the version.
According to the LIM Expanded Memory Specification of October 1987
the major version is in the 4 high bits and the revision is the low 4
bits of AL i.e 0100 0000 would be version 4.0. The computer I tested
the code on uses QEMM v7.5. I get AH returning a value it should
_never_ return and AH returning zero. I've checked the code very
carefully and I'm almost(?) positive it is correct. I would greatly
appreciate it if someone could try the call on a machine using the
same version of QEMM as me and see if they get the same result. I'm
just about at my wits end trying to debug the measly s{*filter*}of code!

Thanks in advance for your help
Patrick Griffiths

Thu, 04 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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