US-NJ-NY-PA Hot requirements as of 12/08/97 
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 US-NJ-NY-PA Hot requirements as of 12/08/97

Top Urgent Needs NY,NJ,PA
see for updates
Hawk Data Processing, Inc. is currently looking for
talented developers in New Jersey and New York.
Positions are both full time and hourly consulting
assignments with fortune 500 companies.
1. Powerbuilder, Sybase Developer - Prestigious NY Brokerage Firm
2. DB2 DBA - DB2/2 (common server) CICS/OS2 - Major NY Financial Firm
3. C++, OS2 Visual Age UML/OMT/BOOCH Relational Database Knowledge required
for Major NY Financial Firm
4. Unix C/C++, Roguewave, Persistence, Sybase, develops with object
orientation - Leader in Telecommunications
5. Informix Developer, major north Jersey Pharmaceutical  company, pluses
include Perl, C++, Powerbuilder,Sybase,WinNT, Unix
6. Win3.1 to 95 Conversion - Win 3.1, 95, MS Office, ODBC, test and convert
7. VB 4.0, MS Access, VM Nomad a plus.  (Possible consult to hire!)
8. C++, Sybase, Win NT, Unix Developer, Major NY brokerage
9. MS Access, VB Developer, SQL Server backend to enhance application for
major insurance company
10. Cobol, DB2, JCL, Developers and Testers for telecom company
11. Novell, Windows NT scripting - Major pharmaceutical company requires
person to support developers workstations.
12. MS Access, Lotus Notes, Office 97, Access, SQL, Bergen County
Pharmaceutical company requires for a long term
13. Windows NT desktop Support, for order entry applications, knowledge of
Windows NT and client-server
14. Data Warehouse, Internet, Crystal Reports, Java, Oracle, Essbase
Pharmaceutical company has positions in NY and NJ
15. Cobol DB2, Powerbuilder, Pharmaceutical Company in central Jersey
requires for long term contract.
16. Developers (Web Intranet) SQL, VB,  Oracle,  Redbrick, Major
Manufacturer requires for long term contract
17. HTML, FTP, Telnet, Unix Website Designer  for major telecommunications
18. Lotus Notes System Tester, system testing, document system test plans,
system analysis, complex system design, OMS
19. P/A, PC's, Win NT &95, VB, C++, Access, Oracle, ABPLC    Major
Pharmaceutical Company
20. Oracle DBA, Oracle Dev. SQL, Web Dev., Unix, Solaris
21. P/A - SQL, Unix, Novell, Sybase, Lotus Notes Dev.   Major Pharmaceutical
22. Sun2000, C, ProC, Unix, Solaris, SAS, Oracle,    Major Pharmaceutical
23. Oracle DBA - HP/UX, VAX, Win 95 & NT, DBA Analysis tools, Desired:
Erwin, PB -  Major Brokerage Firm
24. Sybase DBA, Solaris, HP Unix, Replication Server knowledge - Major
Brokerage Firm
25. Cobol, CICS, DB2 Develop/maintain P&S Balancing, Options - Major
Brokerage Firm
26. Year 2000 Project - Cobol, CICS, DB2 -Major Brokerage Firm
For more information regarding this or other opportunities we have available
we have available visit our web page at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .
To be considered for one of these great opportunities,
please email or fax your resume to us.
Hawk Data Processing, Inc also offers a referral fee to any
candidate you refer to us that we subsequently place $$$$

Hawk Data Processing, Inc.

tel 732-873-1791
fax 732-873-8025

Fri, 26 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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