declaring a function that returns a custom type 
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 declaring a function that returns a custom type

Does anyone know how to create a function that returns a custom type in
powerbasic 3.0?  I have tried something like this:

Function test() as myType

But this doesn't work.  It seems that functions are listed to numeric
types (%,#,!,&) or $ type.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?  Any
help would be appreciated.  I heard that PB 3.1 now lets you copy whole
structures like:
dim a as myStruct, b as myStruct
Does this capability allow PB 3.1 to do what I wanted to do (above)?  The
closest solution I could come up with would to pass a structure as a
string.  But then the function would have to break the string down into
parts which isn't the idea solution.
Can anybody help?


Mon, 01 Sep 1997 06:55:41 GMT  
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