Filling a combo drop down from access table 
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 Filling a combo drop down from access table

I need help in writting code to fill a combo list box from data based on
a MS access97 table.

I used the following code to do the same from a Access 2.0 table with
much success. The same code however does not seem to work with Access97.

Sub qsleader ()
Dim ownerdb As database
Dim ownertbl As table

dbName = {path to database}

Set ownerdb = OpenDatabase(dbName)
Set ownertbl = ownerdb.OpenTable("ClauseLeaders")

Do Until ownertbl.EOF
    lst_QSleader.AddItem ownertbl!Leader


End Sub

I would appreciate any guidance you may provide on this problem.

        - Mario Diaz -

Fri, 24 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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