How to save graphics with some other data to nongraphics file 
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 How to save graphics with some other data to nongraphics file


I would like to save icons or other types of pictures to single file-along
with other data, for example:

Private Type Record   ' Define user-defined type.
    ID As Integer
    Name As String * 20
    Pic1 As Picture
End Type

Dim MyRecord As Record
Open "FileName" For Random As #1 'Len = Len(MyRecord) (I think len is not
    MyRecord.ID = 1   ' Define ID.
    MyRecord.Name = "Name"   ' Create a string.
    MyRecord.Pic1 = ???????  '  should be something like "icon.ico" or
    Put #1, 1, MyRecord   ' Write record to file.
Close #1   ' Close file.

This examples of course doesn't work...if it would, i would write this

Sat, 14 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 How to save graphics with some other data to nongraphics file
Thanks for help but...VB 6 allows just one resource file per project. I need
to LOAD more than one resource file.
In my project I dinamically load modules-with every module that I load I
need to load module-specific resource file, that would carry icons, menu
definitions, ... nothing that can be hard coded to main project file or
modules project files. I intended to use my own format of resource files
because I don't know for any control that would enable me to load and read
standard VB .res files.
Any ideas are welcome!


>what you are talking about is known as a resource file. There are its to
>this up for other languages and development systems but none i know of for
>any dos basic (someone please tell me if i'm wrong). you can do this with


<cutted here>

Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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