Sharp Organiser BASIC 
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 Sharp Organiser BASIC

I've just bought the IQ-8B03 Scientific Computer Card for my
IQ-8000 organiser. I couldn't find a newgroup that appeared to
cater for this question: this one seemed the closest.

Well, I've been hacking about and found several undocumented
keywords. Interesting keywords such as PEEK, POKE and CALL :)

Anyhow, does anyone know where I can find technical info on
Sharp Organisers? I havn't tried calling Sharp yet, I'm not sure
they'd like my fooling around.

If YOU have an organiser and the computer card and would like the
info I've discovered so far, email me at the address below.
Likewise, all responses to this mailing should be e-mailed to
me. Any info that I receive within about a week I'll compile and
post to this newsgroup (comp.lang.basic.misc).

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Gregory

Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:49:28 GMT  
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