***** HELP !!! Call MS FORTRAN (5.1) from QuickBASIC ***** 
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 ***** HELP !!! Call MS FORTRAN (5.1) from QuickBASIC *****

Dear BASIC users,

I want to call a Microsoft fortran subroutine from a QuickBASIC main program.
The variables of the FORTRAN subroutine are as follows,




where ID, IP, N, DT, GA(N), DMP(ID), PD(IP) are known arguments given in
the BASIC main program, all of the rest variables are to be computed in the
FORTRAN routine and then transferred back to the BASIC main program.

I would like to know how to write the calling statements in the BASIC main
program, i.e., the DECLARE, DIM and CAll statements. Also, how to compile
basic main program to get the basicprm.obj, how to compile the FORTRAN sub-
subroutine to get forprm.obj and how to link the two .objs.

Do I need to modify the FORTRAN subroutine somehow to make it work?

I would appreciate it if any expert can help me on this. Please also

Sincerely yours,

L.J. Wang

Sat, 12 Apr 1997 11:38:09 GMT  
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