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This is a proposal for the creation of
Comments welcome in alt.config.

Newsgroup line:         Discussions about the Business Basic langauge.

There are thousands of developers around the world using the Business
Basic language.  They support multiple mailing lists at,
four fora on Compuserve (the BASIS, PROVIDEX, TBRED and MAI-6
fora), spill over into several CompuServe fora dedicated to
applications written in Business Basic (OSAS, SSI-4 and STA-4) and
randomly appear in, alt.lang.basic and

Business Basic is not quite like other Basics. The Business Basic
language implementations, and applications written in the language,
have roots dating back to the mid-1970s; are available worldwide
for almost every modern operating system; include a file system and
BCD arithmetic that no other Basics encompass; and are the base for
more shrink-wrap and custom accounting systems than any other Basic.

It has been suggested that alt.lang.basic or comp.lang.basic.misc
would be good homes for the Business Basic developer. However, the
discussions on these newsgroups tends to focus on other
varieties of Basic.

CHARTER: will be a newsgroup for programmers interested in
the Business Basic applications development language.  The purpose of the
new newsgroup is:

(1) To discuss the design, programming, and administration of systems
    and applications which use the Business Basic programming language.

(2) To share ideas, information, and specific experience regarding
    design and programming of applications with Business Basic.

(3) To discuss new products of interest to Business Basic developers,
    including updates from Business Basic vendors, third-party
    products, their usage, advantages and drawbacks, and where
    shareware/freeware can be found for downloading;

(4) To educate and inform others about the strengths, weaknesses, and
    general usage of Business Basic to solve real world problems; and

(5) To allow brief announcements of products and events
    specifically for Business Basic programmers. This specifically

   (a) General-purpose programming tools;
   (b) Announcements of over 20 lines of text;
   (c) Adverti{*filter*}ts listing specific prices and ordering information;
   (d) Adverti{*filter*}ts for products and events which are not
       substantially specific to the needs of Business Basic
       developers; and
   (e) Any product or event that has been announced on within the past 30 days.

       This does not exclude otherwise allowed postings which
       direct readers to other sources of information about
       Business Basic products and services. These postings
       are allowable as long as they are posted no more than
       once a month.

   Item (d) is intended to mitigate against announcements of
   general-purpose programming tools or events, which really
   belong somewhere like comp.lang.misc.  There is nothing
   wrong with posts like this but we are attempting to keep
   on-topic with Business Basic in particular.

Discussion on comparisons between Business Basic and other
languages should be held in the most appropriate newsgroup.
Posts of "Business Basic is dead!" should be posted to /dev/null.

Gary McClellan          | Gary D. McClellan and Associates Ltd.

http://www.*-*-*.com/     | P.O. Box 476  Clinton, WI 53525
Phone: +1.608.676.5495  | Fax: +1.608.676.5838

Mon, 08 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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