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Can somebody else tell Dieter, please ?


Verzonden:      zaterdag 18 januari 1997 15:39

Onderwerp:      Question about XMS

That was in the newsgroup COMP.LANG.BASIC.MISC


> >3. If neither of these will work, what COULD I do?
> >Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps me with this.  I guess it's better
> >to solve this problem before I get too close to completing it.  However,
> >please don't give me a dumb answer like "don't have any data files -- put
> >it all in the BAS file" because this is not possible.

And you answered:

> Don't have data files :use xms

I'd really like to know how to use XMS?
Do you know it? Do you know any referring WWW-sites?


Tue, 06 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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