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BCX Version 2.77 is available for download.

BCX is 100% free for personal and professional use.
BCX has been continuosly improved since June 1999
BCX is open source.
BCX is written in BCX BASIC ( resembles QBASIC )
BCX is a true Windows 32-bit application

Learn about and download BCX from:

BCX_Install.Exe includes:
140 ready to run console mode examples with full source code
 70  ready to run GUI mode examples  with full source code
 18 ready to run DLL examples with full source code

A fantastic new BCX BASIC Programmers Reference Help File
A Getting Started Hep file
A syntax highliting source code editor

A menu maker, written in BCX
A message box creator, written in BCX
A compiler front end, written in BCX
A system tray quick launch

Uninstall program, in case you don't like BCX!

You will need to download Lcc-Win32, a free 32 bit
ANSI C compiler for Windows, with extensions to get
the most out of BCX.  BCX emits only "C" source code
which is compiled to true 32 bit native code Windows

BCX only writes out the minimum amount of  code necessary
for your translated program to run.  This results in the smallest
and fastest compiled programs that most BASIC PROGRAMMERS
have ever seen or will  ever see in the future.

Beginners will struggle with BCX -- intermediate and advanced
BASIC & VB Programmers should pick it up quickly.  Enjoy!

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:32:11 GMT  
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