3D Polygon Engine, please (better described) 
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 3D Polygon Engine, please (better described)

Sorry about my previous post; I wasn't very clear, was I?

Here's what I know about 3D polygons:

You define everything ITO a particular origin in space, (0,0,0).  I've
had an e-mail saying you should make the viewer the origin, but this
makes things like "object 3 flies by you" and "object 4 attacks object
2" rather difficult.  It doesn't seem to be the way "real" programmers
do it (networked play would become an incredible chore), and that's how
I'd like to learn it.

Anyhoo, you can then figure out angles to each object using good ol'
calculus, and figure out if the object is visible.

Objects are defined in the following way: each object has a local
origin, and you define a bunch of vertices relative to that origin, i.e.


You then define a bunch of triangles, with each point of the triangle
relative to a particular vertex, thus:


Meaning that the first triangle touches vertices 3, 1, and 2; the second
touches vertices 1, 4, and 2; etc.

That's fine.  Anyone can do what I've described thus far with no more
than a good calculus text.  The question now is: how do you display
these polygons?  No shading, no AI, don't even worry about Painter's
Algorithm.  Any ideas?

(Painter's Algorithm says: Display what's furthest away first, then
what's next furthest away, then the next furthest from that, etc., like
an artist painting the background first, then the foreground on top of

Of course, if this is possible with a Viewer-Origin technique with a
minimum of effort (*I* don't plan on network play), I'd love to hear
that, too.

Thanks for your time,

Brent P. Newhall
"Thought would destroy their paradise." -- Thomas Gray (1716-1771),
English poet

Sat, 03 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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