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Last year I taught a night school class which deal with
database design and the use of Microsoft Access.

The students were mainly business people wanting to make
practical use of either Access 2.0 or Access for Windows
95. Some students wanted to be able to manage hobbies or
sports organisations.

Their first problem was to design their database, then
they wanted it in action as quickly as possible. Existing
textbooks were expensive, did not deal with design, and
contained more than the basic essential information.

The notes I wrote as courses proceeded have
been compiled into a learning guide for those who want to
build a database quickly.

Should you be interested in a copy of the learning guide
"Design Databases and Drive Microsoft Access"
the cost is US $29.95, which includes package and postage.
Just send a cheque or credit card number, expiry date and name.
Do not forget your name and address for postal delivery.

My address is:

      Robert Shaw
      49 Sea Vista Drive
      Pukerua Bay
      Porirua City

Comments on the usefulness of the book are most welcome.


___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.20 [NR]

___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.20 [NR]

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