NS BASIC 2.0 for Newton announced 
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 NS BASIC 2.0 for Newton announced

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation
416 264-5999

San Francisco MacWorld, January 2, 1995

NS BASIC Corporation announced today the availability of Release 2.00 of
The new release includes a number of important enhancements:

-A toolkit of window objects, allowing the creation of forms based
programs. Objects include text boxes, sketch boxes, slider bars,
checkboxes, pop up lists, calendars and clocks.

-A new set of graphics functions allow drawing and graphing

-Infrared support for beaming and controlling remote devices

NS BASIC is a powerful scripting tool/development environment for Newton
devices that combines a toolkit of built in window objects with a
scripting capability based on the well-known programming language, BASIC.
NS BASIC goes way beyond basic BASIC, providing extensions to take full
advantage of the rich Newton environment.

Release 2.0's enhancements enable applications to have the look and feel
of standard Newton packages. With the flexibility of a full, but easy to
use, programming language behind it, NS BASIC is a powerful forms design

NS BASIC 2.0 is available at no charge to registered users who purchased
NS BASIC after December 1, 1994. Users purchasing NS BASIC before that
date may obtain the release for $29.00 USD plus shipping.

NS BASIC includes a 180 page manual as well as DOS and Macintosh format
diskettes. Sample code is included as well as Technical Notes on advanced
programming techniques. NS BASIC is compatible with all current Newton

NS BASIC is being used in business, personal productivity, education,
scientific and manufacturing applications, with users in 20 countries.
Some other Newton extensions in NS BASIC are handwritten input, serial
I/O, windowing and buttons. Applications can create their own files or
access built-in system information, such as Addresses, Notes and Calendar

NS BASIC is available directly  for $99.00 USD from NS BASIC Corporation
(416 264-5999) or from its distributors. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
NS BASIC Corporation can also be reached at 77 Hill Crescent, Toronto,
Canada M1M 1J3, fax (416) 264-5888, or through the internet at

George Henne - NS BASIC Corporation * BASIC for the the Newton *

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