Visual C++/Visual Basic/COM problem 
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 Visual C++/Visual Basic/COM problem

I currently have a C++ application
which interfaces to a Client COM DLL
(written in Visual Basic 6.0).
When the C++ application(built by
Visual C++ 5.0) try to create an
instance of the COM client by
calling CreateInstance().  We get
an "First-chance exception in SSBTestApp.exe (KERNEL32.DLL):
0xC000008F: Float Inexact Result." error.  The C++ application
is using the
COM smart pointer method by using the
import directive.

Any help would be appreciated.
We also have a Visual Basic Client COM
object built in a Visual Basic 5.0
environment and that works.


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Sun, 03 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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