SAVE pcx/gif/bmp file? 
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 SAVE pcx/gif/bmp file?

Programming a PCX, GIF, or BMP's are hard to write. You have to have info
on the encode/decode routines. Unless you know them already. TGA's are
easy to read if they are not compressed. It's just raw data after that
with a small header.

Must it be in a common format? If so, have fun. If not, then just dump
the memory block with a header. That's easy. In GFA, it'd go like this:

X&=0, Y&=0, W&=159, H&=99
(draw graphics or whatever)
GET X&, Y&, X&+W&, Y&+HH&, E$
BPUT #1,V:R$,4
BPUT #1,V:E$,LEN(E$)

That's it! Oh so easy.

? Ramapage ?

Thu, 27 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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