Polygon API calls..... 
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 Polygon API calls.....

hi all!

I need some help with the polygon API call

I used the API text viewer to cut and paste the polygon and apipoints
type to the module of the app. I then wrote the following set of code

dim any_points(4) as pointapi

(calculation to calc x1,y1....x4,y4)

any_points(1).x = x1
any_points(1).y = y1
any_points(4).x = x4
any_points(4).y = y4

polygon draw_space.hdc, any_points, 4

But all this says is that there is a type mismatch...can anyone help me
with this? I would be very gratefull if reply's could be mailed as well
as posted.

Brent Russell

Cape Town South Africa

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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