Am I missing something? 
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 Am I missing something?


>>I'm currently writing a program using QBasic, in which I need
>>to input a string from the user and convert it into a number.

>>ie.  INPUT a$   ; where a$ may well be "(a-5000)/2 +

>>Using VAL doesn't work, so can the string be evaluated relatively
>>easily (assuming values for a and b are known)? Is there a
>>which I've overlooked?

>>In the very old BBC Micro BASIC (probably not very familiar to
>>people outside the UK), there was a command called EVAL which did
>>exactly what I need.

There is a programme that does just this, in QBasic. However, it's about
30k... I have it, if you want to see it (can't remember who wrote it,
David Burbridge >> http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;<
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