Where's QB.LIB in QB 4.5? 
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 Where's QB.LIB in QB 4.5?


I have kind of an embarrassing problem: I can't get a standalone
mouse-enabled program to run for anything...

I am using CALL INTERRUPT to make mouse things happen, and this
requires using QB.QLB. No problem, works fine. Then when I go to
compile it, I'm told it can't find QB.LIB.  Damn.  I look for it
myself: not there.  I reinstall QB from the MS floppies. Not there.

After reading the book for a while longer, I read something about
the QLB building process creating LIBs as a side effect. So I've
played with that for a while. It, too, complains that it can't
find the much-needed QB.LIB.


Any suggestions? I'd be really grateful!


Sat, 27 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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