Answers to your questions...FREE!! 
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 Answers to your questions...FREE!!

Have a look at the Doddle Software web site!

Doodle Software is NOT a commercial business. It is run by two BASIC
enthusiasts. Their names are Mark Reed and Steve Pemberton.
Mark is the guy who writes the html stuff and a few basic BASIC programs.
Steve is a qualified Software support engineer with a BSC in something
technical!, as well
as lots of experiance in many computer languages.

See them in action at:
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

The site includes:
* MORE  FREE  never seen before software, available for download!

*  You can now put *any* of your BASIC programming (any dialect)
questions to
 Dr BASIC aka Steve Pemberton.

* YOU have the chance to have one, two ,three or as many as you like of
YOUR programmes posted on the site - FOR FREE, absolutly NO CHARGE, no
hidden costs, no tax, no cost AT ALL!!! (size restrictions apply - please
visit the site for more details)

* Plus other Qbasic files, for those who enjoy tinkering with Qbasic!

* Excellent rewards for filling in the questionaire

I am willing to mail to people specific BASIC related files. If I haven't
got what you're looking for I have other sources who can mail you want
you want.
This excludes anything that appears on the site.

Thanks - see you soon,

Mark Reed  - (the address again - just cut and paste this into your
(repeat after me!)

Sun, 04 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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