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 GwBasic Compiler?

Is there any programs that can Compile Gwbasic Source code?

Sun, 04 Jul 2004 11:25:44 GMT  
 GwBasic Compiler?

> Is there any programs that can Compile Gwbasic Source code?

Quick Basic (Not QBasic.  Quick Basic).
Microsoft Basic PDS 7.1
Power Basic.  (Or their FirstBasic shareware version)
VB Dos
VB Windows with some modifications.

There are a few other shareware compilers that probably could compile
it with some modifications, such as Moonrocks basic or ASIC.

Of the ones listed above, your best bet in terms of availability and
legality is FirstBasic.  You can get it at  You
can usually find pirated versions of Quick Basic, PDS, and/or VB Dos
on the web, but it's very risky to trust compilers that have been
illegally uploaded to some website.  You are almost assured of getting
a virus, worm, or some other malicious code.

If you don't mind doing a little work, Visual Basic for windows will
compile GWBASIC code with line numbers and all.  However, it will not
accept commands like PRINT, LPRINT, INPUT, INKEY$, and several others
that depended on MSDOS input/output drivers.  You either have to code
your own versions of these commands in Visual Basic, or you have to
modify the GWBASIC code enough to work with textboxes, command
buttons, labels and the like.  It can be kind of fun to get an old
GWBASIC program up and running in VB 6.0, using a form for input and

john thrum

Sun, 04 Jul 2004 12:27:55 GMT  
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