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Hi Folks.

Doesn any one know of a good BASIC interpretar for HP-UNIX. Currently I am
using ByWater BASIC 2.10 and I am experiencing problems especially with
"recursion" , "multiple inline function" and "string handling" . These cause a
lot of problems and I have tried to look into the code but i have not had much

Is there any soul out there who has experienced similar problems with ByWater
BASIC and has managed to solve them at all??? I would really like to hear from

ByWater BASIC claims to conform to ANSI FULL BASIC X3.113-1987, but as I have
mentioned, it seems to have some problems.

I have managed to run the BASIC code with recursion fine under MS-DOS QBASIC

I really need a robust BASIC interpreter for HP-UNIX  and I would
really appreciate any information on commercial/shareware versions. Maybe
QBASIC version on HP-UNIX.  Are there are other avenues I can chase?? (Maybe
dropping a BASIC interpreter and moving onto SQL?? )

btw- I am on HP 9000/710 running 9.05 aqnd HP C++ compiler.

Thanks in advance

Mon, 20 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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