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 New PowerBASIC Product

Subject: New powerbasic Product

                    *********  New Product Release  *******

Now available for PowerBASIC.  You can download both from the PowerBASIC
BBS (408-659-7401), or the support forum on Compuserve (GO POWERBASIC).

PCL4PB43.ZIP; Personal Communications Library v4.3, for PowerBASIC

  Async comm lib supporting COM1-COM20, 115,200 baud, 4 to 20 ports
  concurrently, many dumb multiport boards, 16550 UARTs, interrupt driven,
  RTS/CTS flow control, any UART address using IRQ2 thru IRQ15. For
  PowerBASIC.  Registered version comes with assembler source code to
  communications driver.  <ASP>  $65.00

PPL4PB10.ZIP; Personal Protocol Library v1.0, for PowerBASIC

  PPL4PB is a protocol library supporting XMODEM, XMODEM-CRC, XMODEM-1K,
  YMODEM, YMODEM-G and ZMODEM protocols.  Registered version comes with
  source code for all protocols.  Requires the Personal Communications
  Library for PowerBASIC (PCL4PB) <ASP>.  $40.00

MarshallSoft Computing, Inc.
P.O. Box 4543
Huntsville, AL 35815

(205) 881-4630 Voice
(205) 881-4630 Fax
(205) 880-9748 BBS
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Tue, 21 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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