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After promising to do this for some time, I've finally taken the time to
sift through some of the code on my hard drive and upload a number of
files to my FTP site.  Most of it is powerbasic code, but there's some
QuickBasic code and a lot of the PowerBASIC code will work in QB with a
little modification.  Not all of the code is mine (I steal a lot of stuff
from the Internet and CompuServe, but credit is given).

I've also uploaded some utilities I've written and some
PowerBASIC libraries I haven't gotten around to finishing yet (if you
thought PB/Mode-X was cool, you have to check out PBXLIB and the two
demos that come with it).

As time permits, I'll continue to upload stuff to the FTP site, so you
may want to visit periodically.


Sat, 15 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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