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 bsave/bload help!


>Is it possible to bload only part of a file into an array that isn't
>large enough to hold the whole bsaved file?

>For example, if I bsave a matrix of numbers that's 20 by 20 (meaning a
>total of 400 numbers), can I bload just a part of those numbers into
>an array that's only big enough to hold 16 numbers at once?

>I'm trying to save a large "map" of numbers that are loaded into the
>program to create a graphical map on the screen, but I don't have
>enough memory to load the entire map into the program at one time, so
>I was hoping I could just load the part that I need to be displayed
>and ignore the rest, but I keep getting a memory error when I try to
>bload a file into an array that isn't big enough to hold the whole
>thing. I'm sure this is something stupid and you probably can't do
>that, but I wanted to check anyway.

You could save the data as a random file, with each record in the file being one
row of the array.  Then you can read in the rows you need and extract the
columns you need from each row.
Not the "all at once" solution of bload/bsave but it does allow you to process a
selection of elements from the array.

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